The COVID-19 pandemic impacted all of us. The coronavirus pandemic has brought major changes to the way we live our lives, encouraging us to rethink many of our values and ideas and to reconsider the future of our communities.

The Hopes & Challenges through COVID-19 in West Georgia seeks to engage the regional community (Carroll, Haralson, and Heard Counties) in collecting personal stories, documenting experiences relating to this pandemic, and reflecting on the impact that it has had and will have on us as individuals, on our families, on our workplaces, and on our communities.

We will collaborate with other researchers and organizations around the region to collect and preserve these stories and artifacts, create opportunities for public discussion, and share these stories through public programs and a virtual exhibition.

Hopes & Challenges is a contributing project of the UWG COVID-19 Research Collective. This collective includes faculty and students from the Anthropology, Education, History, Sociology, and Psychology Programs at the University of West Georgia.

Initial work for Hopes & Challenges through COVID-19 in West Georgia was generously supported by the Community of Foundation of West Georgia. Learn more about this foundation and its grants here.

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